In the wake of recent large-scale security breaches at companies like Equifax and others, ALTIUS is currently offering complimentary IT security assessments to it’s clients. The recent attacks have many business owners wondering: If a breach like the Equifax one can bring a large company to its knees what would happen to their businesses? A security attack can critically hurt any company. What every business owner wants to know is what can they can do to protect against a future security failure and is a plan in place to ensure the business survives one if they are attacked.

IT security is critical to businesses at any size and that is why ALTIUS feels a duty to help proactively protect and prepare its clients for the uncertain. In addition to the security concerns illustrated in the headlines we are also finding that the healthiest companies today are constantly evaluating their future technology strategy and leveraging all the new tools and cost efficiencies that can help them do more with less. By providing the complimentary IT security assessments ALTIUS is sending a reminder to its clients they are here to provide the guardianship and guidance that is relevant today.